Types of Funds

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Donor Advised Funds (Endowed)
Donors are actively involved in the annual distribution of their gifts from a Donor Advised Fund. (Donors recommend (annually) who receives grants from their gift, as well as the dollar amount of the grant.)
With Donor Restriction
Agency Funds serve the purpose of a specific charitable (or other tax-exempt) organization. Interested donors have the opportunity to support a charitable organization by contributing to a fund already established by that organization. [Only Grant Applications from the Named Agency are accepted]
Agency Funds
Asset Transfer
Endowment Funds (Nonprofit / Charitable / Field of Interest/ Scholarship)
With Donor Restriction
Fiscal Sponsor Funds (specific purpose fund)
Fiscal Sponsor or Pass-Through Funds allow the CCCF to receive donations, grants or other funding that can then be granted or passed-through to the specific entity or eligible organization who has entered into a Agreement with the Foundation. Acting as the “Fiscal Sponsor” or receiver of grants / other funds, the Foundation disburses agreed upon amounts to the agreed upon organization/ entity for the purposes detailed in the Agreement. These disbursements must provide charitable services or serve charitable purposes for which the Foundation was organized and align with the Foundation’s mission. [Disbursements are only made for the benefit of the specific organization or entity identified in the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement]
CCCF Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors based on qualified applications received and the Foundation’s knowledge of the most current and pressing needs in Clark County WI.
Without Donor Restriction Board Designated
Agriculture Arts / Cultural / Historic Citizens / Communities Education (not scholarships) Environment Youth / Senior Citizens Field of Interest Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors based on qualified applications received and the Foundation’s knowledge of the current needs of Clark County WI. [Grant Applications accepted from October 1st to November 15th each year.]
Field of Interest Funds (Not Endowed)
Designated Funds (Endowed)
Donors will designate the specific charitable organizations or agencies to receive distributions from their gift. [No Grant Applications are accepted for these Funds]
With Donor Restriction
Fund Type
Stepping Stone Funds
With Donor Restriction
A Stepping Stone Fund is one that is in the process of attaining endowment level status of $10,000 or more. No distributions are made from Stepping Stone Funds until it reaches $10,000.
The Giving Circle has been created to provide like-minded people and organizations the opportunity to pool donations and democratically select grant recipients that make positive changes in Clark County. Each Giving Circle year begins October 1 and ends on September 30 of the following year. Annually, current cycle Donors gather at the Giving Circle Donor Annual Meeting to vote for current year Giving Circle grant recipients.
Name of Fund and Specific Instructions
Clark County Community Fund / Clark County Community Scholarship Fund
Without Donor Restriction Board Designated
Giving Circle Fund (Not Endowed)
Without Donor Restriction Board Designated
Endowment Funds provide grants to specific areas of interest based on the criteria established by the original donor of each fund.
Agreement / With Donor Restriction
Scholarships Grants Donors PEOPLE FAMILY