Ways to Donate

Cash Donations

Cash Donations are accepted by check or credit card. Complete a Donor Envelope (below) to provide correct contact information, credit card information / authorization, and details if donation is IN Honor or IN Memory of a loved one. Mail Your Donation Directly to: Clark County Community Foundation, Inc. PO Box 116 Loyal, WI 54446-0116 Click and Print the CCCF Donor Envelope. Click and Print the Clark County Fairgrounds Revitalization Project Donor Envelope Click and Print the Clark Co Fairgrounds 150 CLUB Donor Form

On-Line Donations

Donation of Assets - Investments - Life Insurance - Estates

The Foundation accepts donations of certain assets or investments: Marketable securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.); Artwork, coin collections, jewelry - subject to appraisal; Royalties, other intangible assets - subject to appraisal; Life Insurance Policies (where the Foundation is named as a beneficiary); Life Income Gifts o Charitable Remainder Trusts o Charitable Lead Trusts o Life estate (personal residence / farm) Deferred Gifts o Bequests from Donors as directed by their wills; o Lifetime gifts of retirement assets (retirement accounts, IRS, 401(k) plans etc.) All gifts to the Foundation are accepted under the following conditions: Gifts fall within the broad charitable purposes for which the Foundation was organized; Gifts are of a nature that, once appraised, will not place the existing assets of the Foundation at risk; Gifts that once accepted, can easily be converted into a type of asset that is described in the Foundations Statement of Investment Policy; Gifts that ensure that the Foundation is willing and able to administer the terms of the gift in accordance with the Donor’s wishes, and; Any Gift of Real Estate will be further evaluated in accordance with the Foundation’s Guidelines for Acceptance of Real Property Gifts.
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