Donor Resources

Example Forms and Instructions for Donation of certain assets to the Clark County Community Foundation Always consult your Financial Advisors when considering an Asset Donation to the Foundation
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Resources for Donors and their Financial Advisors

Before making a substantial gift to the CCCF, consider the following actions listed below: Speak with your financial advisor(s) about any potential gifts. o Does this gift match your charitable giving goals / estate plan? o What tax implications should you be aware of regarding any gift made? Consider including family members in the decision making process. o Including family members in your charitable giving plans - can provide a opportunity to discuss other family financial matters; and o Can help create the next generation of family philanthropists! Make sure you understand the terms of any Fund Agreement you create with the CCCF. o The name of the fund created; o The amount of your initial gift to the fund and if additional gifts can / should be made, and by whom; o How and when disbursements will occur; and o How grantees will be selected (if applicable).
All gifts to the Foundation are accepted under the following conditions: Gifts fall within the broad charitable purposes for which the Foundation was organized; Gifts are of a nature that, once appraised, will not place the existing assets of the Foundation at risk; Gifts that once accepted, can easily be converted into a type of asset that is described in the Foundations Statement of Investment Policy; Gifts that ensure that the Foundation is willing and able to administer the terms of the gift in accordance with the Donor’s wishes, and; Any Gift of Real Estate will be further evaluated in accordance with the Foundation’s Guidelines for Acceptance of Real Property Gifts.